Plastic Manufacturing - Our plastic manufacturing consultants can help train your workers and improve your products.
Fiber Optics - Our fiber optics expert can help design and manufacture your fiber optic products.
CPVC Pipe Testing - Chemical compatibility testing of CPVC fire sprinkler pipe samples
Blow Molding - We are blow molding experts and can help you design and improve your blow molding processes
Material Selection - Polycarbonate windows degrade and turn cloudy while acrylic windows remain clear

Your Plastic Experts
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We are a Full Service Plastic Part Design Company

  • We can help you develop the best part design and the best and lowest cost material for your plastic part. We use Solid Works CAD software. and can perform Finite Element Analysis (FEA) on various part designs to refine the design and confirm that the part will accommodate the anticipated stresses  of the application. We also do Mold Flow Analysis (MFA).
  • Having an unacceptable failure rate of an existing product? We can help. We can redesign your part to better distribute the mechanical stresses.
  • Having problems with plastic injection molding, plastic extrusion, extrusion blow molding, or thermoforming? Our plastic processing experts can diagnose the source of your problem and help you improve your process to eliminate the problem. Our plastic fabrication (injection molding, thermoforming, blow molding, extrusion, compounding, etc.) consultants are available to travel anywhere in the world.
  • Looking to duplicate an existing part? We offer reverse engineering services
  • Are your plastic products safe for food contact and/or do they meet all or the regulatory compliance criteria? We offer regulatory compliance consulting and testing.
  • Are you looking to go “green” but are confused by all of the options to consider; (e.g., biodegradable, biorenewable, compostable, use recycled plastic, etc.)? We understand the options and can advise regarding which technology is most cost effective and which will be best for both your business and the environment.
  • Our president, Dr. Duane Priddy, has over 40 years of experience in the Plastics Industry. Dr. Duane Priddy has consulted for many Fortune 500 Companies including Dow Chemical, DuPont, SE Johnson, Milliken Chemical, Nova Chemical, SABIC, and Volvo. Dr. Duane Priddy holds over 50 US Patents and over 100 scientific publications and articles covering many aspects of plastics Technology. His article entitled “Why Do Plastic Parts Occasionally Fail?” is widely read.


Injection Molding Consultant.

Featured Case Studies

Our experts cover the entire spectrum of plastic technology. Here are two example case studies. See more case studies